Monday, September 26, 2016

A great weekend, then back to Skipton

We moved up to the main moorings in Gargrave on Friday, in time to meet Arthur and Wendy who were staying with us for a couple of nights.IMG_1967
Then on Saturday we all went across to Ingleton for a bit of a do, organised by Mags’ family to celebrate her birthday. And a good do it was too, most of the family made it, good food and drink, and lots of friends dropping in too, some of whom Mags hadn’t seen for years! She really enjoyed herself.

Just a few piccies, courtesy of Arthur and Wendy.

A fantastic cake…
original_url: 8EDD965E-B4CF-414F-A061-7F7BE4EF286F
…but I’m not sure who the guy on the back is!

Friends and family…
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File 26-09-2016, 17 51 18

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Meg enjoyed herself too, playing with the youngsters.
original_url: A7A62177-D6CD-4FC2-BEEA-1649FCA3E47D

Arthur and Wendy left yesterday morning, to head back to York, then shortly afterwards Mags’ grand-daughter Zoe and her family turned up, stopping off on their way home to Middlesborough. So it’s been quite a hectic weekend. Great fun, though.

Today it was back to normality, or at least what passes for it in our world. We had to get back to Skipton for Meg’s mid-afternoon appointment at the vet, so pulled forward towards the lock to take on water first. That done we were joined in Higherland Lock by a group on one of the Bear Boating hire boats out of Apperley Bridge, doing a one-way trip from Barnoldswick back to the marina.IMG_1969

We carried on down the remaining two Gargrave Locks and out through the rolling pasture towards Skipton. The crew on Jessica Boo were already familiar with the locks, having negotiated those at Greenberfield and Bank Newton, but the swing bridges were a new experience. But they managed well, the boats leap-frogging each other, taking it in turns to open up the four bridges in the way today. That’ll set them up for the several more they’ve to do between here and Apperley Bridge!

We both pulled in before 1 o’clock on the moorings near Aireville Park, before the light rain that had started around noon turned heavy. We’ll be stopping here tomorrow while our erstwhile companions continue on. Apart from the bridges they’ve got Bingley to look forward too as well!

Meg was a bit subdued this afternoon, we thought she may have realised that a vet visit was imminent, until I found a chewed wasp on the carpet. Not a good idea, Meg! Still, she was over it by the time we set off to the doggy doctor, where the vet was very pleased with the healing process in her mouth and her nether regions. We have to go back again tomorrow, though, to get her annual boosters. 

Then Wednesday we’ll head back to Gargrave. Mags has got a doctors appointment for her MOT on Thursday, so she’ll be collected and returned by son Howard. I hope we’re able to share the trip back up with a crew as enthusiastic as today’s!

Locks 5, miles 5½ since the last post.


Carol said...

Lovey photos Geoff, Mags looks so lovely, never in this wide world would anyone think that she’s 90! She’s a lovely lady. xx

Boatwif said...

Congratulations, Mags. It's great to see you looking so well and so often doing a sterling job on the helm. Inspirational!
Our very best wishes for many more years of happy cruising for you and Geoff,
Sue (Boatwif) and Ken (Captain), nb Cleddau

Tom and Jan said...

That figure on the back of the cake isn't in shorts...... so it can't be you!

Malcolm Thomas said...


Elaine M said...

Hi Geoff & Margaret! I thought about you while seeing photos of your birthday because it was my birthday too. I was so busy celebrating my birthday, I didn't get to wish you a happy birthday, Margaret. Looks like you had a fabulous time and was that ever a fantastic cake? If it tasted half as good as it looked, it was a winner. Molly has just been spayed so she's "healing" too. Nice to hear Meg is okay.
Happy boating,
Elaine (& Russ)