Wednesday, September 07, 2016

A couple of short days.

After two heavy days (at least by our standards) we’ve had two gentle ones.  Yesterday we only did one swing bridge and half a mile! But we had to deal with a large Tesco order too…

Mags comes through Owl Swing Bridge

And this is where we finished up, just a little way up the cut, just before Calverley Lodge Swing Bridge.
We spent several nights here at different times earlier in the year while waiting for stoppages to be finished. The way south from Leeds was impassable after the Christmas floods.

Slightly further to go today, and a fill with diesel, but we still had a lie-in, getting away at around a quarter to eleven.

Wooded banks…

…and open spaces as we head towards Apperley Bridge IMG_1806

We topped up the diesel tank and had a good chat at Apperley Bridge Marina. We got to know the manager here well during our enforced stay in the area.

Leaving the marina with a full tank.

Millman Swing Bridge, my nemesis.
This bridge died on me last January. I’d got the barriers shut across the road, but the bridge wouldn’t swing. Then the barriers wouldn’t release either, so there we were with road and water traffic at a standstill till a CRT chap came and sorted it out. Not an experience I wanted to repeat, and luckily today I didn’t have to!

Just the double staircase Dobsons Locks today, and a chap was emptying the bottom chamber as we approached. He was at the top, filling his water tank, and was setting up the chambers. But it meant that we could do the shuffle between the two, him coming down and us going up. Saves time and water.

Doing the shuffle at Dobsons

We moored above the locks, once again a spot we’re very familiar with.IMG_1815

It’s been lovely weather these last two days, but it looks like we’re due for a change tomorrow. Ah well, it was good while it lasted.

Hi Debbie. Thanks, yes she's so much better now. The lump has almost gone and it's not bothering her at all.
Hi Naughty-Cal. Nowhere recommended, though there are visitor moorings at Kirkstall. Plenty of places you could stop besides, but this end of Leeds doesn't have a good reputation. I thought it was getting better before talking to the lockie at Newlay... Shame, really.

Locks 2, miles 2¾ (both days)

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