Monday, May 02, 2016

Hanging out with friends

We’ve had a quiet few days, although the canal hasn’t been! Lots of boats about.

The most important event has been Sue and Vic putting No Problem up for sale. With the build of their new wide beam No Problem XL continuing apace and the completion date looming closer it’s time to find a new owner for this much-loved boat. The advert, with all the specs., is found here. Well worth a look if you’re in the market for a family-sized boat.

Our bird feeders have been well patronised, blue, great and long-tailed tits in the main, with the odd robin and chaffinch thrown in for variety.IMG_9565





The dogs enjoyed pack walks around the fields to the west.IMG_9563

It’s all going to change soon, though. Planning permission has been granted for the construction of a 550-berth marina in the area south of Onley Prison.

Barby Pools Marina
Barby Pools Marina

Although extensive, the development is intending to be environmentally responsible, with plenty of wildlife areas. Conservation has already started, with attempts to capture and re-home the local newt population in hand before the earth-movers arrive.IMG_9573


No-one newt home
I’m assuming that Mr. (or Mrs.) newt would be delighted to jump into a plastic bucket containing a stick, a bit of grass and a square of polystyrene foam. Although considering that they all seem to be empty… maybe not!

All this area will be boats by 2020.

I think that avoiding this stretch of the North Oxford at Bank Holidays will be a good move…

IMG_9571Yesterday we had a surprise but short visit by Sue and Richard on NB Indigo Dream.

Their passion is looking after retired greyhounds, and they were accompanied by four of these lovely but often abused dogs. Olly, Archie, Henry and one other who’s name escapes me are just four of the many that Sue and Richard have rescued and looked after over the last few years. The charity they support is here.

Today, before the rain started, we all moved down a ways to near Willoughby Wharf. Car parking is available on the bridge here, and we were expecting Ness, late of NB Balmaha, for the afternoon. Boatless since the sale of Balmaha she nevertheless likes to keep in touch. We all gathered on No Problem for tea and cakes and a good catch-up.

Tomorrow, now the chaos of a Bank Holiday weekend has subsided, we’ll head into Braunston to top up the cupboards. Then Wednesday we’ll be heading south down the Grand Union Canal.

Double-header. Sue’s Penny (left) and Meg come to visit.IMG_9592
They won’t come in unless invited…

Hi KevinToo. Yeah, feast and famine this year so far! The wine cellar and dog food cupboard are looking a bit depleted…

Locks 0, miles 1¼

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