Saturday, April 30, 2016

Gathering of the clans

We left the top of Hillmorton Locks Wednesday morning, heading for the length of piling near Onley, the other side of the long Barby Straight. We had a short stop at Hillmorton Wharf on the way. As part of the package when I bought the new loo off ebay back in February I also got a Separett Ejektortank.
This 50 litre tank takes the liquid element from the separating loo and automatically mixes it with water for use as an organic fertiliser. No use to me; we’d have to tow it along behind the boat! I’d exchanged emails with Richard at the Canal Shop at Hillmorton Wharf, and he’d agreed to take it off our hands as he stocks the Separett line. Basically we swapped the new/old stock tank for half a tank of diesel! Suited both parties! Now I don’t have to keep moving the thing about all the while…

The Canal Shop at Hillmorton Wharf has a well-stocked chandleryIMG_9538

The Barby Straight is…

There are offside moorings along the northern half of the straight, with individual, private plots of land. The one furthest south is for sale, a 90’ frontage and running about 50’ back from the canal. A nice spot if you want a base, and have got around £90k under the mattress!

Gathering clouds over Barby Marina…

…and Barby Hill

Moored between Bridges 80 and 81

It’s quiet here at the moment, but then Dave and Lisa, NB What a Lark arrived, soon followed by NB No Problem, with Sue and Vic and the pooches. They’d all had to put up with the afternoon wintry showers which we avoided by stopping by lunchtime. So tea and cake (and bonios) were consumed while we all caught up with the news. Later on on Thursday morning the “Larks” left, seen off the premises by Meg…
…then Chas and Ann turned up, on their new boat Moore to Life. Another round of tea and cakes and chat then, in the afternoon.

The weather has been somewhat mixed if predictable. Cold, frosty nights, sunny mornings and showers in the afternoon. Today has been no exception, only that the showers have been a little later. We’ve got a thundery hail-storm going on at the moment…IMG_9558

Chatting with Les (NB Valerie) earlier in the week rekindled my interest in the original Brindley-surveyed line of the North Oxford Canal.
Rooting through old maps and documents online allowed me to identify all the old loops and twists, at least I think  have. I spent several hours plotting them on Paul Balmer’s excellent canal maps, then emailed the man himself to check that publishing them would be OK. He came back with the information that publishing is fine, but why did I go to the trouble when the latest version of the maps already includes the old route! I had a copy of the latest revision but hadn’t got around to to installing it, so I was working on a earlier one sans loops. Doh!
Brinklow to Clifton –my version..
Ox 3

…and Paul’s!
Pauls Map
The loops on Paul’s are shown as a double-dotted line, you’ll have to click to enlarge. But you’ll see that they correspond, well, mostly!
Mine isn’t as accurate, he actually went and checked the route on the ground where possible, whilst I relied on old maps and documents.

Locks 0, miles 3¼ (Wedensday)


KevinTOO said...

My goodness you do go from the sublime to the ridiculous...
'Billy no mates' in the frozen north all winter to the
'Great British Bakeoff' in the wet midlands...
I hope you've got enough tea & cakes (not to mention the dog
treats) to get you through all this socialising and catching-up :0

Lisa said...

I quite like being referred to as The Larks, we are usually called "The Wallies".
Love and kisses