Wednesday, August 06, 2014


While a lot of the UK has basked in beautiful blustery showers under grey skies, down in the Thames valley we’ve huddled under patchy cloud and blue skies, with long periods of heavy sunshine to contend with. It’s just not fair, is it…

Last evening’s view of Windsor Castle…IMG_0897

…and the same a couple of hours later.

We chose to stay put today, before turning around and heading back to Oxford. I took my morning run on The Long Walk, a 2½ mile dead straight carriage route from the castle to Snow Hill in Windsor Great Park. I wasn’t alone; it’s a popular route for the local joggers, too. There are fantastic views of the castle as you head back.

After taking Meg for a walk, I ventured forth to have a look around, camera in hand. By this time the town was heaving with tourists.

On the river bank, alongside Bath Island, there’s a replica of a Hawker Hurricane perched on a pedestal.

When you mention the Battle of Britain, people generally think of the Supermarine Spitfire as being the predominant British fighter aircraft. In fact this was the fighter that is credited with 80% of enemy aircraft destroyed during the decisive period of July to October 1940.

More information on the interpretation board, if you click to enlarge…IMG_0902

Up into town then, heading for the imposing bulk of the castle.IMG_0908

Castle Hill

The Crooked HouseIMG_0914

Market Street, with the Carpenter’s Arms on the right.IMG_0912

Back to the boat after a detour for a bit of shopping, (I resisted the plastic miniature Windsor Castles, jigsaws of the same, and teatowels depicting the Royal Family and stuck to groceries…) we spent the afternoon watching the boats go by.
The yellow one in the foreground is one of those DUKWs or ducks. It runs regular trips up and down the river. It’s one of these vessels that sank in Liverpool docks last year.
The Thames in London claimed another later in the year…

Back upstream tomorrow.

Locks 0, miles 0


Carol Ives said...

How my Dad wouild love you. He was an engineer on a night fighter squadron working on Hurricanes and Mosquitos. He is always moaning about the fact that the spitfire gets all the credit. I wish he was more mobile, he would love to see that.

Geoff and Mags said...

Hi Carol
Glad to help set the record straight. I bet your Dad has some tales to tell...