Sunday, August 03, 2014

A day off ‘cos it’s my birthday!

58 today! Good-oh.
Started the day well, up at ten past six, was off on a ten miler by half past. It was a superb morning after yesterday’s rain, though, almost autumnal.

Mist rising off the river and the meadow, the sun a hazy disc, and cobwebs silvered by dewdrops.



Following on from the post yesterday and me mentioning the fee for mooring here, we had a visit from Steve of SRB Moorings at around 8 o’clock yesterday for the money. I was a bit open-mouthed when he spoke to Meg by name, we’d never met before.
It turns out that a friend of his in Orkney had read the blog and emailed him a link. He’d had a quick look and decided that he really must relieve us of that £6!
Good to meet you, Steve. I guess we’ll be seeing you later on today as well…

Toddling on tomorrow, aiming for Cookham. Or Maidenhead, or maybe Dorney Reach. We’ll see.

Hiya Sue. Yes, we’ll miss you this time, we’re turning around at Windsor and heading back. We need to be back up somewhere in the Midlands early September to go up to the Great North Run. It’s too far to drive from down here; it’s not so much the going, it's the coming back!
Enjoy the Wey and the Basingstoke, see you later in the year.

While it’s in mind, just a reminder to those who haven’t yet got around to sponsoring me for the Great North Run. There’s a couple of options to donate (check out the right hand side-bar) so please open those wallets!

Locks 0, miles 0.


Bruce in Sanity said...

Happy birthday, young man!

Have a good one and look after those knees.

All the best


KevinTOO said...

Happy Birthday Geoff :)

Perhaps you'd be better letting us know where you have moored after you've left the scene!! LOL

Ann Moore said...

Happy Birthday Geoff
Ann& Kev (Rock&Roll)

Tom and Jan said...

Happy birthday Geoff

Do run faster.... You're lagging behind the rest of us! :-)

NB Muleless said...

Happy birthday Geoff from another leo!
Della (and Gary non leo)