Wednesday, July 18, 2012

“Colouring in” day

That’s what we used to call those days during the school holidays when it was too wet to play out. The colouring books and jigsaws came out. No computer games in those days…

We intended to get going again today, but the forecast indicates rain all day. After sitting here for several days waiting for the river to go down, it hardly seems sensible to travel in the rain now that it has.

For the next few miles downstream there’s only one red board still displayed; the reach between Godstow and Osney Locks is narrow in places and always tends to run faster. All being well, after a dry day yesterday, today’s rain won’t have much impact. Then we can get on tomorrow. Definitely.

I suppose we’ve been fairly lucky, this morning I spotted this on the poo bin alongside…..SAM_1577 That’s nearly as high as our cabin top!
We were on a river at the time, though. The Soar near Birstall. We spent some time in Raynsway Marina on a floating pontoon. Almost exactly five years ago. Doesn’t the time fly…

Locks 0, miles 0.

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Anonymous said...

I was on the river that year never again