Thursday, July 05, 2012

(Almost) as far we can go….

After a quiet night at Kelmscott, today dawned a bit grey and drizzly, but soon cleared to give us a warm sunny day with broken cloud.

A moorhen chick scurries into the undergrowth as we pass.SAM_1311
Eaton Foot Bridge and moored boatsSAM_1313 Eaton Foot Br

A straight stretch before Buscot BendsSAM_1314
This is a bit more like it! Tee shirts and shorts, no jackets or waterproofs today!

I threatened more aircraft pictures today, well I’m only going to give you one, as a teaser or as a reprieve, depending on your point of view…

I haven’t a clue what it is, but it has Gothic crosses on the fuselage so I guess it’s German..SAM_1319

Buscot Lock sits in a wooded setting, and we had to wait a few minutes for a boat to leave before we were waved in.

Buscot LockSAM_1325 Buscot Lock

After the lock there are some more tight bends where we met a trio of rowing boats out enjoying the sunshine.

Just messing about on the river….SAM_1333

We passed the fine looking converted Dutch Barge Orca….SAM_1336 MV Orca

…and the delightfully named Bloomer’s Hole Bridge.SAM_1337 Bloomers Hole Footbridge
I wonder what (or who) is Bloomer’s Hole? The Thames Path crosses to the south side of the river here.

The approach channel to St. John’s Lock is a little overgrown and I would have gone straight on if I hadn't spotted the sign lurking in the bushes…SAM_1338 St Johns Lock

St. John’s Lock, the highest on the river and probably the shallowest, too.SAM_1339 St Johns Lock

Father Thames reclines here in dignified repose. He was moved from Thames Head near Kemble in 1974 after repeated vandalism. He looks happier here…

Father ThamesSAM_1343 St Johns Lock
SAM_1344 St Johns Lock

We moored up just before Ha’penny Bridge, opposite Lechlade Church. It was very pleasant sitting outside with a brew for some and a beer for others, enjoying the sunshine and watching the planes go by.

Looking across at the tall spire of St. Lawrence Church.SAM_1351 Lechlade
While mooring up, George lost a mooring pin in the river so had to go fishing…

It’s down there somewhere….SAM_1355 George fishing
Got a bite!SAM_1356 George fishing
Compleat AnglerSAM_1357 George fishing
Those magnets are useful.

I know I said I wouldn’t, but here’s a taster for tomorrow.

One of the display teams practisingSAM_1382

Locks 2, miles 3½


Roger Smith said...

The Luftwaffe aircraft looks like an Airbus A310MRTT a tanker/transport variant. The pods under the wings near the tip are where the fuel hoses deploy. Not sure whose the F16s are.

No Direction said...

It was £4 a night to moor in 2010, a lady came round on our second day there.

Geoff and Mags said...

Still is. We had a guy round this morning. Could be an expensive stay. We've "Caution, Stream Increasing" advice now.

Geoff and Mags said...

Thanks for the info, Roger. Was looking forward to catching a lot more aircraft today; we've heard them but mostly they've been hidden in low cloud.