Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Short term plans…..

Well, we’re all together again, tied up at Little Onn Bridge. We were going to move on yesterday, but a chance encounter with a couple of felled trees took priority.

NB Rock’n’Roll caught us up on Monday afternoon after receiving their Tesco order at Wheaton Aston. Then yesterday NB Moore2Life arrived, now fully crewed with Ann back from seeing the family. Both Chas and Molly were pleased to see her.

Anyway, we were going to head off yesterday, alone, to be at Market Drayton for the weekend market. But when I was returning after a walk with Meg I spotted these trees about 400 yards behind us, up on the embankment. Never one to pass up on opportunity for free fuel, I walked back with my old bushman saw and cut several sizeable logs. These I left above the towpath, then came back and reversed the boat to pick them up, George giving me a hand to lift the heavy lengths onto the roof.

I was part way through slicing them into rounds with the chainsaw when M2L arrived, so I broke for lunch then finished off afterwards.
SAM_0001 Log Pile
It was well worth the effort, at this point I’d already split a load to store in the cratch. This lot was destined for storage on the roof.

By the time I’d got finished it wasn’t worth going anywhere, and anyway we’d an invite for drinkies with Chas and Ann. So, over a glass or two, we decided that we’d hang around this section of the Shroppie till after Christmas, then head north and onto the Llangollen Canal. So we’ll be mooching up and down, maybe up to Nantwich and back, waiting for the icy weather to descend on us. It looks like we’re going to get a taster this coming weekend. Tomorrow we’re going all the way to Gnosall (2 miles!), then into Stafford by bus on Friday. After that we’ll see what happens…

With no particular hurry to get anywhere I took the opportunity to get my head down in the engine ‘ole today, giving the “donk” a fresh dose of oil, new filters, and even changed the oil in the gearbox.

Nice pink “red” diesel out of the fuel filter. SAM_0002 Red Diesel
No sign of the dreaded “Diesel Bug”. I’ve used an additive called Fuel Set since we set out on our journeys, and, touch wood, we’ve kept out of trouble so far.
I adjusted the stern gland, oiled and greased all the linkages, checked the alternator belts for wear and correct tension and repaired a wobbly support under the back step. A good job done. I shouldn’t have to do any more than basic checks now until the next oil change in March.

Locks 0, miles 0


Adam said...

The Norbury Wharf blog suggests there might be a problem with one of the bridges near the Anchor -- so it might be worth checking as you go north.

Geoff and Mags said...

Thanks Adam
We'll see what we can find out.