Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A half decent day and a bit of windlass exercise.

As expected yesterday was very wet. It finally eased a bit mid-afternoon, and Ann and I took Molly and Meg for a walk around Knighton Woods.The forecast also said it was going to be mild, I’m not sure I agree. It still felt cold to me…

After a frost-free night (so it must have been warmer) we were ready for the off soon after 10 o’clock.

M2L ready to go, R’n’R disappearing into the distance.SAM_0003 Ready to go

Open countryside with wide views from the embankments  took us steadily north and west under grey skies, but at least it was dry.

Finally leaving The Wrekin behindSAM_0006 The Wrekin

New Brighton Farm with dovecote and collie.SAM_0007 New Brighton Farm

There are more extensive linear moorings around Goldstone with an unusual modification to be seen on NB Panacea. I guess he needed more  space on the counter.

NB Panacea with modified sternSAM_0009 Modification

Soon after Goldstone Wharf is another of those impressive constructions that the Shroppie is known for. This time it’s a cutting, the deep and narrow Woodseaves. It’s amazing to think that all these earthworks were completed without the benefit of machinery.

Entering Woodseaves Cutting at Cheswardine BridgeSAM_0010 Into Woodseaves

Like Grub Street, Woodseaves also has a High Bridge. No telegraph pole in this one.SAM_0015 High Br, Woodseaves

Landslips on the steep sides are common, the cutting was closed for a while a couple of years ago after the channel was partially blocked by fallen debris.

LandslipSAM_0013 Landslip, Woodseaves

Rowan berries give a bit of colour to a grey-green winter scene.SAM_0020 Rowan Berries

Leaving the cutting it’s only a short distance to Tyreley Wharf and the top of the flight of five locks.

Tyreley WharfSAM_0023 Tyreley Wharf

We caught up with the Rockers and the Lifers here. The drinking water supply here has been out of action for a couple of years, but they’ve got it working again now. Pity about the water pressure, though. It took over an hour to fill all 3 boats, and we didn’t need that much. A point to remember for the summer.

We were tail-end-charlie again, following the other 2 down the locks but Ann was opening a top paddle for us as M2L left each lock.

Mags seems to be happy to be in Lock 1SAM_0025 Tyreley Lock 1

The flight starts in open fields…..SAM_0026 Lock 2

….and finishes in a steep rock cutting. Lock 5 in the distance.SAM_0027 L5 from L4

We were helped by a chap called Andy, who was out taking his windlass for a walk on the off-chance there were some boats about. If it hadn’t been for us he’d have been disappointed!

Andy and sculptured tree roots at lock 4.SAM_0029 Andy helper and tree roots

From the bottom lock it was only 15 minutes to the first lot of moorings at Market Drayton.

Market DraytonSAM_0032 MD Moorings

We pulled in behind Rock’n’Roll and Moore2Life, then Carol, George, Ann, Chas and the pair of Mollys joined us for  homemade soup and hot rolls. Market day in the town tomorrow.

Locks 5, miles 6½

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