Monday, July 25, 2011

Pushing on up the Bridgewater

We woke up today to a fine, sunny morning, and were on the move at 10:00.

Away from our Moore mooring.

We wanted to make sure our diesel tank was fairly full, so pulled in at Thorn Marine at Stockton Heath. While there we also filled the water tank and emptied one loo tank.

Thorn Marine, still working hand to mouth with a threat of closure from Peel Holdings.

We had a steady cruise through the Warrington suburbs of Stockton Heath and Grappenhall, emerging into the countryside near Thelwall with the M6 viaduct visible in the distance.

Thelwall Viaduct and the M6

Ducking under the motorway the canal runs into Lymm, where surprisingly there were a couple of mooring spots available, but we pushed on past Outrington to Dunham Massey.

Water Lilies near Lymm

Lymm Moorings

There are a group of canal-related businesses alongside the navigation out of Lymm, and the painters had an excellent advert moored outside.

Fine paint job on NB Old Tom

The photo doesn’t do the finish justice.

Owl carving at the Barn Owl Inn.

It’s been a warm dry day, with the forecasted afternoon showers failing to materialise. More of the same for the rest of the week, they reckon.

After a conversation with Paul off NB The Antidote a couple of weeks ago, I’ve had my reservations about the accuracy of my engine rev counter. So I bought a cheap laser tachometer from a dealer on ebay. He was right; the rev counter is reading light, to the tune of around 25%. There’s a calibration screw on the back of the instrument, and with a bit of adjustment we’re now a lot nearer. So we’re now ticking-over at 700rpm, and canal cruising at 900.

Locks 0, miles 10¾

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