Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Almost to plan…

We’ve got visitors coming tomorrow, meeting us at Anderton. So we needed to top up the sorely depleted grocery stores, and arranged for a Tesco delivery at Acton Bridge today.

Off at 09:30 we were on the lock landing at Saltersford 15 minutes later, and descended the lock in company with another narrowboat.

A steady cruise saw us at Acton Bridge at 10:40, queuing behind one other boat for the water point. The delivery was due between 11:00 and 12:00, so we’d decided to top up the water tank, empty the rubbish and empty both loo tanks at the unofficial elsan sluice. The first two were OK but the sluice was out of action. Barry from Tesco arrived with our delivery soon after 11:00, and the tank was full at the same time, so we set off back upstream.

Arriving back at Saltersford during the locky’s lunch break we pulled on to the moorings below and set to putting away all the provisions.

Still needing to empty the loos we went past Anderton into Northwich, where the moorings were full but the service wharf was empty, and our loos were too, shortly after.

Turning around, we headed back downstream and are moored now just above the boat lift, all set for our guests.

The river is running a bit faster with all the rain we’ve had, most noticeably at Northwich. But it’s not up any appreciable amount. The Weaver is such a benign river it takes a lot of heavy rain to have an effect.

Thanks to Roger for identifying the “creeping hedge bottom weed” as goosegrass, Galium aparine. There you go Sue, now you know what was stuck all over your fluffy slippers…..

Locks 2 (same one twice), miles 9¼

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