Friday, June 03, 2011

Still water, blue sky

It was a beautiful morning when I took Meg for a walk first thing today.

Not a breath of wind, and the sun at just the right angle to highlight the reflections of the water.

We had another short cruise, back to Northwich for Mag’s new specs, and some sticky buns from the bakery.

Mag’s new specs.

We’d also had a bit of a sort out in the under bed storage, and I had a couple of bags of unwanted clothes and things for the charity shop.

Mag’s driving licence is due for renewal this year, so she went into the Post Office to use the photo booth. To say that she was disappointed with the result is an understatement. Underexposed and grey, she looks like an extra from Night of the Living Dead! She won’t let me put a copy on here, and I’ve now been commissioned to produce a decent picture.

After our shopping trip we returned to moor just upstream of the boat lift. We’ll head back up onto the canal tomorrow.

Locks 0, miles 4½


Carol said...

Hi beautiful, no not you Geoff - like the new specs - hope you've got rid of some of the others around the boat! Don't throw anything out without checking with the boss first Geoff but hope that you enjoy creating the cross bed! Very best regards to you both. Carol and George. xx

Geoff and Mags said...

Throw anything out? I wouldn't dare!
What with shoes and glasses it's like Emelda Marcos visits Specsavers in here!
Keep well, Geoff