Friday, June 17, 2011

Finishing what we started – almost.

We pushed on today up to Northwich, then back to the lift. We didn’t get up onto the canal though, it started to rain when we arrived so we put pins in at our regular spot just upstream of the lift.

We’ll maybe stay here for the weekend, avoiding the busy area around Anderton. Though with a poor forecast, there probably won’t be too many boats about.

Yesterday evening was fine with blue skies, and Acton Bridge looked impressive in the late sunshine.

Acton Swing Bridge basking.

Oops, a big photo faux pas there! (bottom left).

Our Tesco delivery arrived on cue, and by 10:30 we were on the move, following a couple of boats to Saltersford Lock. We joined them in the chamber, breasting up to the smart tug-style NB Edith, then had a steady cruise to Northwich.

The high wall of the Town Wharf was pretty busy, but we managed to sneak onto the end where the bank is lower. Meg was ready for a pee by the time we got tied up and she can get off here without a leg up.

Having had a grocery delivery earlier I didn’t need to go up to Sainsbury’s, but we'd arranged for the mail to go to the Post Office here. It was very busy, with a queue almost to the door, so I had a walk around the corner to check out the timber merchant. I’ve ordered the sheet material and framing from Orchard Marina, our boat builder, in order to match the existing panels. But I still needed some softwood battens for mounting noggins and they had just what I wanted. I just had to be a little careful with passing cars and pedestrians, carrying 4.2m lengths of timber. They’ve also got a range of sheet stock, and can get marine ply by order, so I might be back….

Two more trips to the Post Office were fruitless, both times the queue was even longer, so I gave it best and decided to walk back in the morning with Meg.

While I’d been to-ing and fro-ing a gaggle of boats had arrived, lining up to get on the service point.

It’s not just the Post Office that has queues….

I guess the moorings here are busier than normal because those above Vale Royal Lock are closed while the towpath is upgraded. Or maybe it’s always like this on a Friday.

Locks 1, miles 6¾

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