Sunday, January 31, 2010

Is Hibernation a Good Idea?

Is it us, or is it Anderton? As soon as we arrive back here the canal freezes again!

It was more widespread this morning, with a thin layer of snow to top it off.
I sometimes wonder whether we should just curl up in some nice warm burrow in November, and not surface again ‘till the buds are on the trees and the birds are singing. But then we’d miss those beautiful clear frosty mornings, when no-one is about and we’ve the canal to ourselves. Blissful.

And we’d miss Meg’s mad antics at the first hint of snow.
As her coat is designed for cold weather, I think she feels the need to show off.

The ice was only thin and is mostly gone now, broken up by passing boats. But, just in case, we’ve moved a bit nearer the facilities at Anderton. Once bitten……

We’ve moored behind Bill’s boat, Anguillas. As his is much the same colour scheme as ours, we look like a pair of bookends!

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