Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Toddling down the Trent

We’ve had a good day today. Set off just after 09:30 in company with NB Blackbird who’d arrived this morning. We followed a couple of boats down Cranfleet Lock, but were still out on the river by around 10:30.

Cranfleet Lock
Out onto the river
4 miles downstream and we were back on a canal again at Beeston. The lock was just being vacated by a boat coming down, so we timed it just right.

Approaching Beeston Lock

From the lock the Beeston Canal runs NW to the junction with the Nottingham Canal at Lenton Chain.

Lenton Chain
At this point the Trent Navigation Company used to lock the canal (with a chain across it) from Saturday evening to Monday morning to prevent any boats sneaking through without paying their tolls.
The chain, and the northern section of the Nottingham Canal to Langley Mill, are no longer with us.

The cut, now the Nottingham Canal, runs generally west to the north of the city centre, before ducking south at Poplar Arms Corner to regain the river at Meadow Lane Lock.
But before the river we made a quick stop at Sainsbury’s.

Former Fellows, Morton and Clayton warehouse, now a museum.

Meadow Lane Lock is the centre of a major redevelopment project, unfortunately restricting access to the lock at the moment. Passage is only possible at certain times, and we joined the queue for the 15:00 “window” at around 14:30.

Development work at Meadow Lane Lock
With the queue building on both sides of the lock, the workmen opened up early, and we found ourselves back on the river by 15:10.

Heading away from Nottingham
We were quite wet, though, having worked through the lock in a very heavy shower.

There are a few trip boats on the river, most looking like mini cross channel ferries. But Trent Lady looks unfortunately like a floating double decker bus!

Trent Lady. Maybe a different colour scheme would help?
Riverside Living. Inclusive…..

And exclusive.

We arrived at Holme Lock at about a quarter to four and moored above the lock on the VM.

Moored at Holme Lock.
The structure in the background is the sluice on the river, we’re moored in the lock cut.

Just over the bank is the Holme Pierrepoint National Watersports Centre.
The canoeists were out in force on the slalom course this evening.

Splashing about.
The forecast is pretty grim tomorrow, but we’ve got to press on. I’d really like to get to Cromwell Lock tomorrow, as we’re booked to go down onto the tideway on Thursday morning. Still, we can make good time now we’re on the open river.

Locks 4, miles 12.


Mo said...

Hi, looks like you're getting closer. If you break your journey to Keadby at Torksey tomorrow look us up. We're on the 72s the other side of the lock.
If we don't see you, enjoy Sheffield. We did.

Geoff and Mags said...

Hi Mo
Yup, we'll be there tomorrow, soon after lunch, all being well. I'll have a walk up to pick your brains about moorings etc.
See you then..

Mo said...

We have to go shopping tomorrow so will come and find you when we get back - should be half 4ish if we don't miss the bus!

Hope the Trent is kind to you tomorrow

Anonymous said...

With reference to your comments of 25/08/09 that have just been bought to my attention.
You should never judge a book by its cover. The Trent Lady was deliberately liveried to make sure that it stood out from the "Mini Ferries" as we are a different company.

Just for the record, we don't think that burgundy looks particularly good on blue.

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