Friday, August 14, 2009

A mighty fine day

We had a superb day yesterday, one of those days where everything seems to come together just like it was designed that way.

It was a fine warm day, most of the locks were with us, and we were cruising the favourite stretch of a river I have a soft spot for, even though it’s notoriously unpredictable.

The first lock of the day, Pillings Flood Lock. Still in use with a fall of about 5”.

If the dry weather continues I reckon the gates will be left open later. The river is in the green, but still a couple of inches above norm.

We met quite a few boats heading downstream, some I expect getting mooring spots at Redhill for the forthcoming IWA National. Among them were a couple of ex-working boats.

Motor boat Aquarius and butty Ilford heading to Redhill.
We shared Barrow Deep Lock with a party of canoeists from the Outdoor Pursuit Centre at Quorn Hall.

The heavy boats came up the lock with us, the lighter ones being portaged round.

Company in Barrow Deep Lock.
The youngsters and instructors waited for the boats to come up to them, and Meg made some more friends.
The contractors are still doing battle with the Floating Pennywort. It’s going to be a long job, with each clump having to be sprayed.
The local farmer was taking advantage of the warm breezy weather.

Making hay while the sun shines….
We had a bit of a pause at Cossington Lock while waiting for a couple of boats to come down, then shared the lock with a family out for the day.

Cossington Lock

Just around the corner we were hailed from the bank, I looked round and there were Ginny and Gunner from NB Wilvir. They’d been over to Rothley for a bit of shopping, and were moored just below Junction Lock.

Ginny on the bank, Gunner having a swim.
We pulled over for an hour, to have a chat. They’re a really pleasant couple, and we’ll be looking out for them in the winter over near the Shroppie.

Wil, Ginny and Gunner
We could have stopped all afternoon, but I’d booked us into Raynsway at Thurmaston for a couple of nights, so shoved off following a boat heading to the lock. It turned out to be Nouveau Lady, who we’d moored alongside in Loughborough.

Leaving the lock, I thought we’d have to break out the fire extinguishers as a day boat come towards us, trailing smoke.
It turned out they had a barbeque going on the fore deck. Not the safest of places, I should have thought!

The long cut past the flooded gravel pits (now Watermead Country Park) took us up to Thurmaston, up through the lock and into Raynsway Marina.

Into Raynsway, rather better weather than the last time we were here.
Dave filled us up with diesel, then we moved over onto our allocated berth for the next 2 nights.

After tea we joined Dave and Dilys on one of the picnic benches for a drink, enjoying the last of a good day. Talking about just about anything, we were out there till gone 10! A really good end to an excellent day.

Today I’ve taken advantage of the laundry facilities, catching up with washing bedding. We can do it on the boat, but each set makes up 2 loads in our compact machine, and there’s the matter of getting it dry.
In between we’ve taken delivery of a Tesco order, and I’ve got some of the repaired or modified woodwork at each end of the boat varnished.

I see anyone doing the Cheshire Ring Four Counties Ring (see comments) has a problem. Shebdon Embankment has sprung a leak, and is closed till maybe the middle of next week.

Locks 7, miles 8.


Paul (from Waterway Routes) said...

Oops (a typo) - it's the Four Counties Ring that you can't do.

Geoff and Mags said...

Hi Paul
Yep, you're right. What a plonker!
Although if you wanted to extend the Cheshire Ring by going down to Great Haywood then Autherley before heading back up the Shroppie???