Monday, May 04, 2009

Watching the boats go by….

We’ve done just 2 short cruises since Friday. On Saturday we moved up through Hillmorton Locks to a splendid rural location near bridge 81.

Hillmorton Bottom Locks.
As you can see, these locks are paired like some of those on the Trent and Mersey. But they are numbered individually, so the 3 pairs are 2&3, 4&5 and 6&7. Lock 1 is the stop lock back at Hawkesbury Junction.

Leaving lock 6
The locks are easy to use and very well lubricated…maybe a little too well!

Hillmorton Fingers.

This is why I usually wear gloves.

Both chambers of each pair were needed to keep the heavy flow of traffic moving…

But the heavy use this canal has is reflected in the damage to it’s structures.

Bridge 80
We moored a couple of miles past the locks, near bridge 81.

Saturday and Sunday were fine and warm, although a drop of rain first thing and a stronger breeze made Sunday not as good. The boaters were out in force, an endless stream cruising past from dawn till dusk, and even, in one case, at 00:15 on Sunday morning!

I spent the couple of days pottering about, the biggest job being scrubbing the sections of roof where we’d carried wood and coal over the winter.

Roof Scrubbing.
Today was a change in the weather, the brollies were out on the backs of the boats as they headed back to base.
We left it until mid afternoon before moving just over a mile to Bridge 85. Tesco will be here in the morning, delivering to us and Chas and Ann on Moore2Life. Then it’ll be off, services at Braunston Turn, then south onto the South Oxford.

Locks 3, miles 6½

Hmm. After last week’s 16 locks and 45½ miles, it looks like we’re back to our normal speed. Will have to do better…..

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