Friday, May 29, 2009

New alternator, old friends.

Had a damsel fly come and visit yesterday evening. It was relaxed enough in the sunshine to be picked up.

Evening visitor
I was waiting on the lockside, chatting to Lawrence (Lockie) and Tony (NB Timewarp and Summer Assistant), when the new alternator arrived.
Apart from some minor terminal differences, they were identical, so should have been a straight 1 for 1 swap. But when I mounted it the belt pulleys weren’t in line, so I had to adjust the shims behind the one on the alternator.

New on left, old on right.
After that it was straightforward, just bolting it on to the existing brackets.

Fitted and running
We got away at just before 13:00, the alternator kicking out a healthy 83 amps, for a start, steadily dropping off as the batteries charged. And no evil red light leering at me!

Just down from the mooring there’s a boat that’s been burned out. And I thought we had problems…

In glorious sunshine we cruised on, past Bourne End where the river was thronged with sailing dinghies…

Bourne End sailors.
Through Cookham Lock….
And into the wooded gorge of Cliveden Deep.
This is beautiful to cruise through on a warm spring day like today, the sun bringing out the different colours in the leaves.

There are some islands in the channel at the south end, very popular as a picnic spot for boaters.

Islands in the sun.

Maidenhead came and went without intruding too much, just the main road alongside Boulters Lock contrasting sharply with the previous couple of miles.
Coming out of the town there are some pretty expensive looking properties on the west bank. I reckon some of the boathouses are worth more than our last house!

Valuable real estate.
We arrived at Boveney Lock just behind a rowboat, the only craft waiting. But by the time a lock full of boats had come up, there were another 5 boats plus a trip boat out of Windsor. This is the busiest we’ve seen a lock in the whole trip so far. And an indication of things to come for the weekend, with fine weather forecast.
The lockie managed to squeeze 7 of us in but the trip boat had to wait.

Into Boveney Lock
There were another half dozen waiting to come up, so he was having a busy afternoon.

This was the last lock of the day, the next mile couple of miles taking us into Windsor. Not sure about the mooring situation, we pulled over on a spot just after the main road bridge on the edge of the town.
I took Meg for a walk, and came across a boat I recognised. It was Dave and Barbara on NB Liberty Bell, last seen at Castleford were we parted company after doing the Trent and part of the South Yorkshire Navigations, way back in 2007. Never one to turn down the offer of the odd glass, and there being a boatshaped gap on the mooring behind them, we moved down the 10 minutes to pull in with them.

Coming around the corner, Windsor Castle comes into view.
NB Liberty Bell. Dave was just off picture on the left, ready to fend off any other would-be moorers.
Locks 4, miles 12


Sissy T. said...

Some really nice pictures today and Thursday - Ah, they are nice every post. I had an enjoyable trip with your post tonight. Thank you. Is Windsor Castle where the Queen lives? I know much of nothing about your world as I'm in America but I love what I've seen through the eye of your camera.
And btw, I'd appreciate if you'd give that fabulous Meg a good hug from me. She's a darling looker. What breed is she? I want one just like her! Hardly able to brush fur so abundant as that though.

Carolyn in east Tennessee

Geoff and Mags said...

Hi Caroline
Thanks for the kind comments.
Windsor Castle is one of several Royal Residences. I think HM spends most of her time at Buckingham Palace in London.
And Meg - thoroughly hugged.
She's a star, isn't she.
She's a cross breed, but mainly Bearded Collie. Got a great temperament, full of fun and energy. The coat does take a bit of work, but it's worth it.

Just had a read of your blog, and I know what you mean about corruption in high places. You've maybe heard that our parliament has been on the rack the last couple of weeks for skimming expenses. These are people you should be able to trust.

Oh, and I love the letter home...

All the best