Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A plan (of sorts) for the next couple of weeks

We waited out the weather at Hurleston. It’s been pretty grim at times, with strong winds and heavy showers. Not cruising weather, but it didn’t deter some hardy souls.

There have been a few breaks in the weather, giving me a chance to get some of our log supply sawn up….

And to get Meg out on some decent walks.

Hurleston Junction from the reservoir.
Hammered pewter effect on the reservoir
Ploughing with an attendant flock of gulls.
Ivor and Mel Batchelor, on the coal boat NB Mountbatten and butty Jellicoe, are moored near Barbridge Junction. I arranged to collect some smokeless from them when the weather improved.
And the work on Hurleston Locks is expected to be completed on time.
We need to visit a service point in the next few days, so we decided to collect the coal today, then turn around and go back to Nantwich for shopping and the services, before returning to Hurleston in time for the flight to open Friday or Saturday. Then we’ll head off up the Llangollen for a few days, maybe to Wrenbury, before returning to the Shroppie and heading off on the final leg to Ellesmere Port to arrive around the 26th.

This morning was not promising with a brisk breeze still, and drizzly showers blowing through. But by midday it was showing signs of improvement, so we got away.

Approaching Mountbatten and Jellicoe, for the solid fuel.
Just for info, the pair are Admiral class narrowboats, built around 1960 by Yarwoods of Northwich.
I like to buy from the coal boats if possible. It’s a treat to see commercial boats still making a living on the canals. They deserve to be supported. (And the product is generally cheaper than the boatyard’s!)

Loading up.
Pointing south again at Barbridge Junction
As the afternoon wore on the weather got better and better. Long warm sunny spells showed the pastureland of the Cheshire plain at its best.

Looking west across South Cheshire.

We’re actually only a couple of miles from where we started this morning, but we’ve covered 3 times that distance, going to Barbridge Junction and the winding hole past Nantwich to turn around.

Locks 0, miles 6

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