Thursday, July 31, 2008

Off the Macclesfield, onto the Peak Forest.

With the weather being pretty dismal yesterday morning, we decided to stay put. It did brighten up a bit later, allowing us to do a bit of carpentry around the rear hatch on Corbiere. During the wet spells I started on the diamond design I’m painting on the inside of the cratch board. Now it’s all blue, it needs lifting a bit, so it’ll finish up similar to the outside.

I had a bit more exploring to do in the area anyway. Running parallel to the canal is a disused railway, now converted to a footpath/ cycleway/bridleway. Great for the dogs, and with lots of access from the canal it makes for part of good circular walks, as long as you like.

The dogs on Middlewood Way
Both mornings we were here a convoy of geese sailed past from their overnight “roost”. These are being very military in their formation..

Geese in a row
And we’ve come across another odd duck. I reckon it’s a gadwall or teal, any more ideas?
Today it was a lot brighter, so we got under way at 10:45. Carol wasn’t quite ready so would follow on; that’s the last we saw of her all day!

Through occasional short light showers, we cruised up the last leg of the Macclesfield.

Higher Poynton, busy with boats as usual.
We had a comfort break for Meg just before Hawks Green, and then into Marple. You know you’re approaching the town, the impressive Goyt Mill appears over the horizon. Built as a spinning mill in 1905, it is now owned by the Peak Group and houses several small industrial units and enterprises.

Goyt Mill

At the junction we turned right, onto the Upper Peak Forest Canal.

Marple Junction

The last time we came this way we headed down the 16 Marple Locks, towards the Ashton Canal and Manchester.

Marple Top Lock. 16 locks drop the canal 214 feet.

The canal to Whaley Bridge follows the contour of the hill above the Goyt Valley. Occasional glimpses across the valley are visible through the heavy foliage. Unfortunately I couldn’t really enjoy the views as the heavens had opened and the rain was trickling down my neck.

Across the Goyt Valley

We pulled over (onto mud, the guide book is right, the Upper Peak Forest is narrow and shallow!) to let the showers pass over and wait for Carol to catch up. There’re 4 swing or lift bridges between Marple and Whaley Bridge, and they’re difficult to do on your own. No sign of her after 45 minutes, so I gave her a call. She’d not yet reached Marple, and would most probably be stopping there for the night. So we pushed on on our own, through the first 2 lift bridges and moored for the night just past the second, bridge 24.

Moored near Bridge 24.

It’s not a bad spot, but quite busy with cyclists and walkers.

These two weren’t expected, though!
Locks 0, miles 7¾

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