Friday, July 25, 2008

Corbiere’s new fender, and on to Bosley.

We’ve had a pretty uneventful couple of days. Yesterday I spent pottering about, doing odds and ends on Seyella. Then, when Carol arrived later in the day, we fitted the new front fender.

Corbiere’s new bow fender in all it’s glory.
It’ll have a chance to get “bedded in” going up the 12 locks at Bosley!

First thing this morning I set off up Mow Cop, in company with both dogs and Laura, Sonja’s daughter who’s with us for a few days. Although it was breezy, it was quite a warm climb and the dogs were glad of a drink when we got to the top.

Breakfast at Mow Cop

Mow Cop Castle
We got back down before lunchtime and were on our way by noon. The first priority was a bit of shopping, so we made a stop on the North side of Congleton, at High Town, were there’s a handy selection of shops just a stone’s throw from the canal.

Coming into Congleton
The bridge in the distance is a “snake” bridge. This is the local name for bridges that allow the towpath to change sides without having to unhitch the towrope from the horse. They are variously known as roving, turnover or changeline bridges, depending on where you are.

Between Congleton and Bollington there’s a mile straight, and you can see the bridge arches disappearing into the distance.

Long Straight

We moved on another couple of miles through pleasant countryside, arriving at the bottom of Bosley Locks at 16:00. We’ll stay here tonight, and decide when to go up the locks later. The day has been fine and dry again, but it’s starting to get heavy, with grey clouds. Thunder is forecast overnight.

Locks 0, miles 7

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