Thursday, October 08, 2020

Back to Nantwich–again!

We spent a few days moored not far above Bunbury Locks before turning around and heading back south.

One of the jobs that needed doing but that I’d been putting off was to deal with the decidedly forlorn looking dinette cushions. Fourteen years of use had left their mark – literally! They were made by Wilsons of Kinver so are of good quality material and are zipped, but I was still worried how they’d turn out, especially redoing the buttoning! I needn’t have been concerned, a trip through the washer left them looking like new and the buttoning wasn’t a huge problem…

Turning around above Bunbury Locks on Tuesday.

We stopped at Calveley to top up the water tank but held on to the rubbish for when we got to Nantwich today. The bin compound was already ankle deep in rubbish strewn from ripped open bags…

Then another short stop was made as I trotted across the road to grab bread and milk from the shop at the Texaco garage near Bridge 103a. We carried on, now in the rain, to moor just shy of Barbridge Junction.

We took a day off yesterday then headed off to Nantwich this morning.

Chris and Leslie on Rosie II were moored a little further on…

Just beyond the junction the channel narrows where a gauging lock was once installed. This is where craft would be checked for draught and the resulting tonnage calculation used to determine tolls due. Different cargos attracted different rates per ton.

Between here and Junction Bridge old maps show a building straddling the canal, a photo from the 1950s, found on Midway Boats’ website shows it was a transhipment warehouse.

The roof of the toll-keeper’s house can be seen to the right in both pictures. The small hut to the right was once attached to the warehouse.

The temporary Meccano bridge was erected the other day to replace Goodwin’s, Bridge 101, which was closed for resurfacing work on the main road.

Giving way to the high bow of Tench, built in 1936 at Yarwoods in Northwich for Fellows, Morton and Clayton. I wasn’t arguing…


Autumn is on the doorstep!

We topped off the water tank again, got rid of rubbish and recycling and slotted handily on the end on the moorings on Nantwich Embankment. We’ll have a couple of days in town to top up the cupboards and pick up some items I’ve ordered online, then we’ll toddle off again.

Locks 0, miles 5½ 

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