Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Another sparkly day.

This weather is stunning at the moment, after a sub-zero night we’ve had a fine sunny day, even warm at times. We lost the sun earlier on though as it rose behind the plumes of vapour from Ratcliffe Power Station.

The frost hadn’t burned off the roof when we set off, swinging across the junction, past the large Thrumpton Weir and onto The Soar. The first lock (or last, depending on your direction), is Redhill Lock, only normally in use when the river is misbehaving and the levels are up. No need for the gates to be closed today…

It’s very difficult to take pictures directly into the low sun…

Redhill Marina is a mixture of businesses based in porta-cabins and sheds. And lots of moorings which snake around to Ratcliffe Lock.

Coming up Ratcliffe Lock

Happy faces…

On such a fine day, even a power station and it’s associated transmission lines can have a strange beauty…

Passing through Kegworth Shallow or Flood Lock, another left open during this quiet period.
Above here the water levels have been lowered to help alleviate periodic flooding. This lock was of conventional use and depth, now this is effectively on a level with the pound downstream, and the next one up, Kegworth Deep or New Lock, is very deep.

Kegworth Deep Lock, with the steeple of St. Andrew’s church rising above the trees.

By the time I‘d got the chamber emptied another boat had arrived to join us on the way up.

They were welcome, with a single boat in there you have to take it slowly. But they were also disappointed to find that we were not going all the way to Loughborough today.

Moorings near The Otter, Kegworth

We moored just a little further on in a fine sunny spot with a comfortable towpath height.

We’d picked up a few logs the other day, and some more today, so had pulled in earlier in a remote spot to get them sliced up. Tomorrow it’ll be a chopping and stacking day, then we’ll toddle off into Loughborough on Friday. Cold again tonight, and less sun tomorrow. It was good while it lasted.

Locks 2, miles 4½

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