Friday, December 14, 2018

Turn of the seasons…

Well, since we arrived in Skipton, summer has gone, autumn has come and gone, and now we’re seeing the first signs that winter is here.

Ice on the canal at sunrise today

But we can see light at the end of the tunnel. Meg went to see her vet on Monday and, although that bladder infection seems to have reared it’s ugly head again, it’s nothing like as bad as it was. So, with her dosed up with a course of antibiotics, Sam the vet is happy for us to leave it for 3 weeks before we need another visit.
Mag’s news is good too. We went to give blood and urine samples at our surgery on Tuesday, the results are in and are good. Everything seems to be working as it should and her liver function is better although still not 100%. And the same situation applies; she doesn’t need another visit for a month.  
So we can look at moving on. Further tests on both of the girls can be made as we head south and west, with the results passed back to Skipton and Bentham. We’re going to leave it though till after the weekend. Wind and wintry showers are due tomorrow afternoon and overnight. We’re keen to get moving, but not that keen!

The boat’s all ready to go; there’s a new set of batteries in the engine room, the engine and gearbox have both had oil and filter changes, alternator belts and the stern tube gland have been checked and adjusted. I’ve even replaced the radio aerial which has been a bit dodgy since it got snapped off under some trees…

One other thing needs replacing though. Mag’s hot water bottle sprung a leak the other night!DSCF5026

I think she’s had her money’s worth, she had it from before we got married!DSCF5027

Since the last post over a fortnight ago we’ve returned to Skipton for a few days, then back out to moor near the Rendezvous Hotel. We’ll turn around and head back to town to top up cupboards and tanks on Sunday after that front blows through.

An unusually calm night at Skipton!

Back at The Rendezvous

Then, finally, pastures new on Monday!

Thanks for all the supportive comments, everyone. You can look forward to normal blogging service being resumed next week.

Locks 0, miles 3


Nev Wells said...

That’s all good news, finally. I am sure you are rearing to go. Will you be sharing the new battery details. My three 105’s are not much more than PP9’s now so I’d be interested in what you put in ?

Happy Christmas 🎄

Carol said...

Great news all round ... fantastic! xx