Sunday, September 16, 2018

And so back to Bradley…

We’re back moored at Bradley again now, after coming back into Skipton from Gargrave on Thursday.

While we were near Gargrave we had a visit from one of Mag’s grand- and great-grand daughters, Melanie and Laura. And on Monday morning we reversed under Holme Bridge, up to the lock, to pick up 8 bags of smokeless, delivered to the lockside by Fred Green, the coal merchant in Gargrave. It’s that time of year again…

The modification to the charging circuit I mentioned in the previous post hasn’t been as successful as I’d hoped, I think the older lead acid battery is past it’s best after all, sometimes the heater will start, sometimes not. Fault number 11, low voltage. I’m going to have a good look at the live and earth feeds connecting the heater, just in case there’s a dodgy contact somewhere.

We came back into Skipton on Thursday, a fairly good day, dry until we had a short, sharp shower just before the town.

Leaving Holme Bridge on the edge of GargraveDSCF4834     
Mags coming through Highgate Swing Bridge, the first of the five back to Skipton.DSCF4842

Apparently that new structure next to the old weaving sheds on the edge of town is going to be flats…DSCF4843

Belmont Bridge, Skipton

We topped up the nearly-empty water tank then pushed across to moor in a very familiar spot opposite the bush station car park.

First thing Friday morning we were off down Gas Lane to Ashlands vets for yet another visit. Meg is actually quite sprightly now, and Sam the vet was pleased with her progress. Her temperature is lower than it’s been for the last month, there’s now only a trace of blood in her wee, and, with the steroids she’s taking giving her an appetite, she’s gaining weight again. One problem is that she’s now badly incontinent. Not her fault of course, whatever is ailing her has weakened the muscles in her urinary tract, so basically she leaks. It makes her very unhappy, she looks really embarrassed when she does… So she’s on some pills that should tighten up those weak muscles, although the low dose doesn’t seem to be having much effect. I’ll ring the vet’s in the morning to see if I can increase the dosage. Meanwhile she’s getting used to lying on bed incontinence pads.

We timed it well yesterday, leaving Skipton behind a couple of day boats and Dalesman, one of the trip boats off Belmont Wharf. So we were able to pass through Snagill Swing Bridge in convoy.

There’s a couple of boats moored here besides us at Bradley, but it’s quieter than it has been.
We’ll be back in to town on Tuesday, hopefully for the last time before we head off towards Leeds.

On the subject of my rant the other day (see The Blame Game), Paul Balmer has posted an explanation of how CRT believes the Middlewich Breach occurred. Not a gush of water rushing down the canal as reported in some of the newspapers, but a steady trickle, overflowing a low section of bank and gradually eroding the edge. See the comment on the post. Thorough and well reasoned. Thanks Paul.

Locks 0, miles 6¾

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