Monday, July 16, 2018

The best laid plans…

Well, we’d intended to drop down Greenberfield Locks today and moor at the bottom. Then tomorrow move out to the pleasant, open spot near the TV mast for a few days, heading into Gargrave on Friday. The first part went OK, better than expected in fact.

Arriving at Greenberfield Top Lock, with a pair of boats just coming out.DSCF4591

The same happened at each of the three locks, with a string of boats coming up. We were moored at the bottom by just before midday. We dropped lucky too, we hit a window between the showers.

Meg has been listless and off her food for several days now. I put it down to the very warm weather, she never has enjoyed too much heat. But I’d noticed that she was drooling a bit and her breath was a bit off. So after she’d had a bit of sausage I had a look at her teeth while giving her her regular dose of Metacam. The gums above her upper canines are both swollen and red, it looks like there’s an infection there. No wonder she’s been feeling sorry for herself.
 When we’re up here she has a regular vet in Skipton and we really do need to get her there sooner rather than later. So at 6 o’clock we untied and set off for an evening cruise, the trip we intended to do tomorrow. Then tomorrow we’ll head into Gargrave and sort out some transport, hopefully we‘ll get an appointment for her in the afternoon.

Off we go, looking a bit overcast but dry.

The Double Arch Bridge at East Marton, for the last time this year.DSCF4595

We were tied up again by about twenty-five past seven, with cloud started to build and an ominous rumble of thunder echoing across the valley.DSCF4597

A few minutes later on came the rain, a short-lived but heavy shower.DSCF4598
So glad we stopped when we did…

Our girl, looking a bit more comfortable after her Metacam.DSCF4596

On the subject of dogs, about three weeks ago a good friend’s miniature wire-haired dachshund was savagely attacked by three uncontrolled dogs on Crosby beach while the owner (of the three) looked on and made no effort to intervene. Daily Mail article here. Carol, Jeffrey’s owner, and a group of youngsters on the beach managed to get them off Jeffrey, Carol also getting bitten. But the little dog was in a bad way, finally succumbing to his severe injuries a couple of days later. Carol is understandably heartbroken, and the Police are involved and it’s likely the owner of the viscous dogs will be prosecuted under the Dangerous Dogs Act.
However, penalties for these offenses never seem to be harsh enough for the distress and loss of the victim’s owner. Because of this, an online petition has been set up at
The petition needs 100,000 signatures before it can be presented to Parliament for consideration, and it’s almost halfway there. Please add yours, and pass the word around. Let’s try to stop this happening again.

Locks 3, miles 5½

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