Sunday, November 26, 2017

Time for a bit of a catch up…

I’ve been a bit remiss, not posting as often as normal. But there’s not been too much going on. We moved up the canal a little on Wednesday, turned into Swanley Bridge Marina and got established on our allocated berth. I wasn’t looking forward to this, the day was wet and very windy, not good for maneuvering in the confines of a marina. But we chose a bright spell around lunchtime, so only had the wind to worry about, and that wasn’t as bad as anticipated.

New Moon last Monday

Thursday I picked up the hire car, and we went across to Middlewich to visit the vet again. A local specialist had had a look at the X-rays and had advised a consultation with him, followed by a CT scan, then maybe chest surgery. Apart from being financially prohibitive, I wouldn’t want to put her through that. Even after the surgery there’s be a long period of recovery. So we opted for a short-term fix while we thought things over, a steroid injection to open up her airways and make her more comfortable.

We got her home and she was a lot brighter, even had something to eat for the first time in a week!

Anyway, Friday was a trip up to Yorkshire for Mags to see her doctor for the annual review. Everything is fine, so we had lunch with son Howard, picked up the mail and headed back.
On the way back we had a call from the vet to check on Meg’s condition and with the suggestion that, as she’d responded well to the steroid injection, a short course of oral steroids might be of benefit. Making her breathing better would encourage her to eat, building up her strength so she’s better able to fight off the chest infection.
So I dropped the girls off at the boat and drove over to Middlewich to pick up the prescription, then over to Crewe to drop the car off. After driving about 240 miles I was glad to let their driver bring me back to the marina!

Meg continues to eat, only small quantities of chicken and fish at the moment but that’s a vast improvement. She’s breathing a lot easier and is a lot chirpier. We just hope that she’ll stay the same when the courses of antibiotics and steroids are finished. Fingers crossed.

We came out of the marina yesterday morning, but only cruised up the cut for 200 yards. I’d picked up my freshly-sharpened saw chains while we were up north and the chainsaw breezed through that stack of logs we’d accumulated on the roof. Half of them are chopped too and are drying in the cratch.

It’s very satisfying having a load of free fuel to burn!DSCF1949

We’re staying put today and tomorrow, the local fuel boat, Richard and Ruth, Chamberlain Carrying Company are heading up the canal in the afternoon and they’ll be dropping some bags off solid fuel off with us.

Montbatten and Jellicoe, ready to load at Burland WharfDSCF1948


Then we’ll toddle on on Tuesday, aiming for Wrenbury.

That’s it, going to put my feet up and watch the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix now.

Locks 0, miles ½


Carol said...

Hi Geoff and Margaret,
This is a hard time for you all but we know that you'll make the right decision when the time comes. It's 1 year and a week tomorrow (Monday) since Molly left us so we know how you're feeling (sick at heart). Our thoughts are with you both. xx

KevinTOO said...

Good to know that Mags got a gold star from the doctor :)
and that Meg is responding well to her current treatment :)

stevefree said...

Steve from Tumbleweed. Probably out Wrenbury way on the bike in the next few days, I will try to call in and say hello.
I noticed that most of the ABC fleet was moored up on the offside after the road lift bridge, spoils it for mooring along here. I assume this is normal in Winter.