Saturday, August 06, 2016

Stolen boat recovered.

It appears that the narrowboat stolen from Mercia Marina has been recovered. After such a massive search involving a goodly proportion of the canal-using population, a poster campaign and lots of activity on boating forums and Facebook, I’d have been surprised if it hadn’t been.


It wasn’t missed until the 26th July, when the owners came to the marina and saw the berth empty. But it seems that it was actually purloined on the 11th. So the thief had a fortnight to disguise what is a fairly unusual shell design.

But the only changes were to the paintwork, leaving the distinctive steel dodger around the counter intact.
For the owner’s sake I hope the interior isn’t badly damaged, and that the paintwork can be redone. It must have been lurking somewhere under cover for it not to be spotted sooner, and also for the fairly respectable new paintwork and sign-writing to be applied.

It was found only a couple of days cruising from Mercia, still on the Trent and Mersey, up near Weston (the one near Stone).

Congratulations are in order to those who spent their time cycling up and down towpaths investigation possible sightings, to those who made sure, via the internet, that the momentum wasn’t lost, and those who handed out dozens of leaflets describing the boat and situation. And also to the owners, I‘m sure they’re glad to have the boat back.
Well done all. Just shows what can be achieved if a community pulls together.

Now the law just needs to catch the thieving oik who took it…


Ade said...

Great news Geoff, the members of CWDF kept on it fair play to them. And particularly Martin skipper of fuel boat Halsall (Junior) on the forum who went out to the location in the early hours but couldn't get a police response! I think they were already aware. Thanks Geoff for posting this I subscribed to the thread but with an update email nearly every minute it got to much so I had to unsubscribe! I'd forgotten about it till you posted this and spent the last hour catching up.

Quaysider said...

I'd been following the threads on canalworld and on Thunderboat - The amount of time and effort "boaters" had put into looking for this boat was quite amazing. It goes to show what a decent, community spirited bunch they/we all are. OK - as in every walk of life, you get the occasional curmudgeon but I feel very reassured, when in need, a boater would/will come to your aid.

Well done - one and all!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your comments. We are the owners of the stolen boat. Unfortunately we are still unable to update you all fully. The canal community were superb, the amount of notifications was nearly 1,850 before we asked the link to be closed, after our boat was found. People were amazing and the efforts of our wonderful community did indeed prove that with team work we can succeed.
Our boat was found with the contents stolen and heavily repainted. However fairly clean. We have taken the boat away and are awaiting Its repainting and we will be naming her at last!
When we are able we will tell you the conclusion and the twists and turns we have experienced since our last post. Meanwhile we can only bow with deep gratification to you all and look ahead to next year, enjoying our 'new look' boat out on the canals again,
Thanks to you all.