Friday, July 01, 2016

Short day to Wallingford.

Needing supplies we planned to get to Wallingford today. No locks to do, so an easy cruise. But we didn’t leave it too late to move out, it gets busy on the town moorings in the afternoon.

Leaving our overnight.
The cruiser turned up later in the afternoon and was a bit miffed, I think, to find us in their favourite spot. They’d even cut the grass last time they stopped here!

Just up the river is the Beetle and Wedge pub.

IMG_0628The Beetle in the name isn’t six-legged, black and shiny. It’s actually a mallet.
The inn is on the site of a boatyard, and the beetle and wedge would have been used to split wood.
A ferry used to cross the river here, between Moulsford and South Stoke. Although, judging by the name of the former village, you could wade across at one time…

Moulsford Railway Bridge carries the great Western Main Line over the river.IMG_0632

There are actually two bridges, side by side, the first built in 1839 to a design by Isambard Kingdom Brunel to carry two tracks, the second when the line was upgraded to four tracks in 1892.
The downstream set of four arches is the earlier of the two.

Lots more red kites around here to, taking advantage of the updraft from the river.

Probably the last thing a vole, mouse or shrew would ever see…IMG_0635

Characterful boathouse at North Stoke

We came into Wallingford looking for a mooring, having already passed a suitable bit of bank on the meadow below the bridge. We arrived at just the right time, with a choice of town moorings on either side of the river. We pulled in on the left, it’s nearer the town centre and there are nice walks around the old castle site just up the path.

As expected, it’s filled up now.

Locks 0, miles 4¾

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Alf said...

Angie will be round at about 08.00 to collect the mooring fee ! Say Hello from me !