Thursday, January 28, 2016

Back downhill for the services, and a decision made.

After a few days peace and quiet above Field Locks we were in need of the services at the top of Dobson’s once again. Today looked to be the best day at this end of the week, so, although we could have lasted another day, we decided to head down. It was a fine but cool morning as we set off, it wasn’t to last but we were tied up again by the time Gertrude made her approach felt. The wind is gusting strongly and we’ve had spells of rain. Bad tomorrow apparently, so it was a wise decision to move today.

Dropping down Field Locks.
The sun’s bright, but the woods on Buck Hill leave the locks in shade.

Leaving Strangford bridge.
In the background is Eshton Viaduct, carrying the Ilkley to Bradford line over a valley above Esholt village. Building railways must have been challenging around here, apart from the river and beck valleys to cross there are hills and ridges to tunnel through.

Into the sun
Woodsmoke from the chimney doesn’t help the view forward!

Once again it took an hour to fill the water tank, then we pulled back a few yards to moor up.
We’re likely to have visitors this weekend, then we may be staying a few days longer… because we’ve come to a decision.
We’re swapping our Thetford cassette loo for a composting type, and have opted for the the Swedish Separett Villa 9010. While I’m at it I’ll be refurishing at least part of the bathroom, replacing the hand basin and cabinet, putting a new floor covering down and splashback around the loo and basin area. Everything is on it’s way…
Could be an interesting couple of weeks. Thanks for everyone’s input on the benefits of these units, your opinions and advice helped considerably.

Locks 3, miles 1½


Chas and Ann said...

Sounds like you need a 'working party'. There will always be some thing to do on board! We spent a whole day on board making our boat a home.

Anonymous said...

Hope you're having fun up north. I also hope you're going to keep us all updated with the work involved in installation of the new loo, and how successful it is.It will be of significant interest.
Rog and Jane
nb Paneke

Adam said...

Just catching up -- so welcome to the composting club! I also thought the airhead was fairly ugly, so we have a wooden seat and lid, which makes it look a lot better. You can also vent through the hull side rather than the roof, if it's easier.