Friday, April 26, 2013

Meg gets the all clear and makes a friend.

Meg had a follow-up visit to the vet in New Mills this morning. Ann and Molly came with us, intending to wait outside, but a torrential hail shower forced them in. Normally Molly would turn into a jelly when in a vet’s waiting room, but today she seemed to know that she wasn’t to be tampered with. And it wasn’t very nice outside…

The nurse was pleased with Meg’s progress, the sockets where the teeth were removed are healing nicely, and the infection is well on the way to clearing up. We’ve antibiotics to last till Monday, that should sort it out.
Then we discussed dental hygiene, I’m going to try to start cleaning her teeth, but I’ll leave it till she’s completely healed. Then I’ll slowly introduce her first to the toothpaste, then to the brush. She’s very sweet natured, but she may object at first…

On the way back we came back up through the town, stopping off at the Co-op, then dropping back down to the river to return to the towpath.

The lane to Goytside Farm passes between fields containing, on the one side, nursing mums…DSC_0103
…and on the other, llamas.

Meg was fascinated by these large woolly animals, and they were with her.DSC_0101

We could her the beat of a vintage engine up on the canal as we came up the track to Carrs Bridge, just arriving was NB Hadar, heading through to Bugsworth.

Joe and Keith, NB Hadar
We had a quick chat then they pushed on down to the basin. We’ll maybe see them for a better talk next week.

Locks 0, miles 0

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Jo (Boatwoman) said...

It was lovely to see you yesterday and today. Happy cruising and hopefully we will see you along the cut somewhere. ;0).