Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Near Welford

It was a far better day than the weatherman led us to expect; cloudy at the start, but brightening up with lots of warm sunshine. I got a coat of primer on the paint chips I’d rust treated on the roof, then loaded it back up again.
So it was a little later than normal when we got away, sometime after 11:00.
Chester’s BridgeSAM_2258 Beautiful Morning 
Tea for one on the deck of NB GriffinSAM_2259 Tea for one
We’ve cruised this section several times, but usually in the autumn or winter. At the height of summer it’s very lush.
Is it still a parliament of crows when they’re in the air?SAM_2260 Clouds
This is just part of the flock that rose over the trees and disappeared to the east. 
The pleasant moorings at Mountain Barn Bridge, where we intended to be last night…SAM_2263 Mountain Barn Moorings
The canal is a bit more determined to head north, now, but it’s still forced to detour around the low hills. 
These are the Hemplow Hills….SAM_2268 Hemplow Hills…and this is Downton Hill covered in ripening wheat.SAM_2272 Downton Hill
We pulled over just short of the Welford Arm, the 1¼ mile navigable feeder to Welford Wharf which also brings water down from Welford and Sulby Reservoirs.
There’s an airfield north of Welford with a glider club operating from there. All afternoon the tug aircraft have been hauling their charges into the sky to release them over to the west.
It’s stayed warm, dry and breezy this afternoon so I’ve got two colour coats on the roof repairs. Then, after tea, I rubbed down and repainted the counter deck. That’s a couple more jobs to cross off the list.
Sorry to have missed you at Banbury, Bones. Next time, eh.
Locks 0, miles 6¼

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