Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Two locks, Two towns, Two trips to Tesco.

We had a quiet night at Saltisford Wharf, a pleasant spot with friendly people. It’s popular, there were still boats coming in at 8 last night, and although Ian the manager had knocked off, one of the residents was on hand to sort them out.

Just a short walk along the road and you can take a footpath across a common onto Warwick Racecourse. A good place to play ball with Meg.

We said our goodbyes to George and Alison on NB Utopian this morning. They’re staying another night.
We motored out of the arm shortly after a hire boat from Gayton, and caught up with them at the top of the pair of locks at The Cape.
Unfortunately they wanted water, as did another boat we waited for, so we decided to go down on our own. There was a boat waiting to come up each of the locks, so at least I didn’t have to close the gates.

Leaving Cape bottom lock
Another 15 minutes and we arrived at the offside mooring at Bridge 45, next to the 24 hour Tesco. The moorings were all full, but a boat was ready to go so we hung around for the space.

“Tesco” moorings near Bridge 45It took two trips to fill up the cupboards after not doing a decent shop for ages. It’s a good job it’s not very far, my arms would have been considerably longer!
Both Warwick and Leamington Spa are well provided for with canal side supermarkets. More so Leamington Spa, There’s a Lidl, Co-op and a Sainsburys within 1½ miles.

You don’t get to see much of either town from the canal, a few factories and housing estates.

Bottoms Up. Swans synchronised foraging.
There are two boatyards in Warwick. Kate Boats, home of a hire fleet….

And Delta Marine ServicesThere’s a large barge under construction in the workshop here.

Between the two towns the canal crosses the River Avon on an aqueduct.

Avon Aqueduct
There is a proposal to make the rest of the Upper Avon above Stratford navigable again, to link up to the Grand Union here. The link would provide a shorter route to Stratford, and also a pleasant cruising ring. Opposition from riparian landowners on the river is likely to squash the idea though.

We left Leamington Spa and moored not much further on, near Radford Semele.

Moored near Bridge 35.Mags is pointing out where we are (she thinks)

I wonder how you pronounce Radford Semele? Semeel? Semelly? Semell? Semale?
Answers on a postcard, please.

Locks 2, miles 5

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