Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Wheaton Aston

Just a short post tonight. We’re in Wheaton Aston, in the cutting between the bridges and the internet connection is very poor.

I got the poles and plank finished yesterday while we were moored at Little Onn. They look a lot better now.

Meg and I had a couple of good long walks across the fields, although one particular pasture full of bullocks was a bit fraught. I wonder why they’re so curious? They all came charging over to inspect the interlopers, scaring Meg half to death. Got my heart-rate up a bit, too!

Then this morning we followed an overgrown path around a field, having to push through this year’s grass, nettles and weeds. When we got back we had to spend an hour combing hundreds of those little round hairy seeds out of her coat. She was covered in them. There’s still a few left, but they’ll come out in normal grooming.

We left this morning, not much before lunchtime, heading to Wheaton Aston. The mail should be here waiting for us, so I went up to the Post Office after having a cup of tea.
Should have skipped the refreshments and gone up as soon as we arrived; it’s half day closing today.
I guess it’ll still be there tomorrow.

Locks 0, miles 2

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