Thursday, November 26, 2009

Fuelled up, on to Lymm

This morning I went for a run, the first for some time. Coming down the Wigan flight I lost my footing while pushing open a particularly heavy gate, and strained a muscle in my groin. It’s starting to feel a little easier, so I thought I’d give it a work out. 5¼ miles at a steady pace, and no aches and pains. So I’ll gently ease into my training for next year, now. First race is Liverpool (as usual) in March, only this time, instead of going by car, we can go by boat along the new Liverpool Link! Wow! The ½ marathon starts and finishes at Albert Dock, only 5 minutes from the mooring pontoons at Salthouse Dock.

After breakfast and pooch walking, we were away around 10:15. Just an hour took us to Stockton Heath and Thorn Marine. 140 litres of the red stuff, a dozen bags of solid fuel and a few bits from the chandlery left my wallet lighter but the boat considerably heavier. Still, that’ll last at least a month. We spent a bit longer than needed at the boatyard just chatting to the owners. Nice people.

The original plan was to make for Dunham Massey today, but after Lymm it started to cool down a bit so we decided to stop just the other side of the town, near the winding hole. Just a short cruise to Ye Olde No 3 pub for Tescoman tomorrow, then up to Dunham, I reckon.

I didn’t take any photos today. So here a couple from earlier this year.

Goring Weir, River Thames, in May
Pertinent Message near Thrupp.
Locks 0, miles 7

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