Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A short cruise to Swarkestone

Yesterday, as forecast, was pretty wet. We’re stuck at the moment on the 22 mile length between the river section at Alrewas in the west, and Derwent Mouth in the east. Both are closed due to flood conditions on the River Trent. So our trip onto the Soar is temporarily postponed. Still, there’re worse places. We’ve access to the services and shops at both Willington and Burton on Trent from here.

In between showers the guys at Stenson, opposite where we moored, relaunched NB Gorgeous George after she (he!) had her bottom blacked. Using a trailer and slipway is a lot easier and quicker than dry docking.

Gorgeous George ready for the water

In (s)he goes….

And out comes Emi-Lou for the same treatment
All in about 15 minutes.

Carol joined us today on a short cruise to Swarkestone. I’ve arranged for a local coal man to deliver to us near the lock, Thursday or Friday to suit him, so now we’re only 10 minutes away but still on an out of the way bankside mooring.
Stenson lock was a bit of a shock to the system. Over 12 feet deep, and the first proper wide lock since June.

It’s been the best day for a while, warm with sunny spells and a gentle breeze. Real autumn weather. Who was it who called it “the season of mellow fruitfulness”?

Here’s a sight you don’t see so often these days. Haystacks! Don’t they look better than the ubiquitous black wrapped bales….

Locks 1, miles 2½

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