Saturday, March 17, 2007

The mail delivery arrived yesterday (thanks Dot), so I’ve got my entry details and number (4048) for Liverpool, and my driving licence. There’s an Enterprise Car Rental depot in Lichfield, which is only about 3 miles away, so we can drive up to the race from here. It’ll take another hour, but at least we’ll get there.

Not wanting to overstay our welcome on the visitor moorings, we moved around the corner today, onto the Coventry. We moored here 2 or 3 weeks ago, it’s better for Meg, and TV reception is better as well. On the way we paid a visit to the sanitary station, then picked up a new gas bottle and some smokeless fuel from Swan Line, just past the junction. Although it has been a dry bright day, the stiff breeze made reversing back from the yard to the junction interesting!

Coming up to Junction Lock, Fradley

The forecast is for snow tomorrow and Monday, so we’ll hang on here till Tuesday, then cruise back down to Fazeley and back. It’s about 11 miles each way, so will take 2 days the way we travel. We can do a bit of shopping at Whittington on the way back. We have to run the engine to generate power, so we may as well go somewhere while we’re doing it!

Locks 1, miles ½.

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joyce said...

Hi goeff and mags enjoyed reading your blogs you both seem to be enjoying yourselves hope we can meet up in september in south sheilds. love Joyce. This is my contact E-mail address.